My Little Secret

Busy MomI am like most other moms you know. I go to my full time job every day, and I pick up my kids from school and daycare on time. However, there are some nights that my youngest child just doesn’t sleep, which means I don’t get any sleep either. When I can barely keep my eyes open, I have a secret weapon. I use a fake doctors note to get out of work for the day, and then I go home and crash on the couch to catch up on my sleep. It is the only way I can stop myself from falling over out of sheer exhaustion. I just get tired of the dark circles under my eyes all of the time. No amount of make-up in the world can cover those.

All I have to do is go online for a free sample fake doctor excuse form, or I can easily find a template for the same thing. I just choose which date I need the excuse to show that I cannot work. The forms are professional looking, and my boss doesn’t suspect a thing. The only problem is that I worry about looking so refreshed and energized when I return to work after a supposed sickness. This type of doctor’s note has helped me a better mother because I actually have enough energy left at the end of the day to cook meals for my family and play with my kids. I can help them with their homework and read them stories before bedtime. Also, if you need a template for free that for an excuse from the doctor, click here.

Another option is to get a doctor’s excuse form from here.

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