Fake Doctor’s Notes – Steps That Guarantee You Success with the Use of These Documents

Fake Doctor's noteAre you interested in submitting a fake doctor’s excuses to your employer? If yes, then you must ensure you take the necessary steps that guarantee you are doing the right things. A fake doctor’s excuse usage could be counterproductive for the user if the recipient gets to discover that it is “faked”.

Before granting a sick leave to employees many employers demand for medical report confirming the health status of the employee. Although due to doctor – patient confidentiality, the real state of health of the patient may not be divulged by the doctor without authorization by the patient.

However, it is still legal to obtain a doctor’s note confirming that a patient has been diagnosed or treated and should be allowed to rest for a couple of days before returning to work. One site I like for doctors excuses for work is here. You can also get doctor’s excuses for work here over at this site:


Employers take a genuine doctor’s note seriously as this would be filed under the employee’s name and it can help in determining whether he gets paid or not, or whether he keeps his job or not.

For some personal reasons like going for vacation, attending a friend’s birthday, taking time off to rest the body, or dealing with certain issues that have suddenly cropped up in the family, etc, it may be difficult to get approved leave from the office. The option left for most people would be to opt for fake doctor’s note to “deceive” the employer that they are sick.

To succeed with the use of fake doctor’s note, the following steps should be followed:

  • A fake doctors excuse with quality features should be embraced. This medical excuse should come in quality format and context. It should come in documents made in high quality prints to avoid suspicions.
  • Fake doctor’s note should be used realistic proofs. Support documents and symptoms can be used as alibi for the excuse highlighted on the note. A realistic symptom can very well make the note believable.

Finally, ensure you never get to use same excuse in every fake doctor’s note. Avoid the temptation of going for fake doctor’s note more often.

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